Screen Zombie

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP


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Click. Click. Click. Headache reeling, dehydration setting in, eyes scratching from fatigue- the screen zombie is starting to take over. During the pandemic, internet usage has skyrocketed. But has our ability to maintain good self care done the same?

The “Cure”

Spending hours upon hours of coding, streaming, writing, and connecting virtually captures our minds from the here and now. The here and now is an essential part of being a well-rounded human being. It basically means to be in the moment rather than the meta-moment we can get hypnotized into by the virtual world. Self care is the key to releasing ourselves from becoming full on virtual zombies.

Self care can be anything from standing up throughout the day, stretching, eating your favorite snack, journaling, going to a spa, lighting your favorite candle, or doing a mini mindfulness practice. Setting time aside for these small acts of self care can make a drastic difference in your day to day life.

In professional realms where your mind is your source of power it is essential to maintain this balance for your mental health and even your productivity. There is evidence that shows there is a connection between self care and increased productivity. Meaning that stress can actually effect your long term ability to be productive.

Sometimes the Zombie Takes Over

I get it. Sometimes you are in the zone- then all of a sudden it is 1:30 pm and somehow you haven’t eaten lunch or had any form of water. It happens to all of us. To bypass this there are some things you can do to keep balancing self care in the forefront of your daily schedule.

  1. Schedule It. Do you keep a calendar? Task list? Pencil in yourself.
  2. Create a Recurring Alarm. Sometimes the calendar isn’t enough or in a moment of stress we cast aside the things we set for ourselves to keep the productivity over our self care.
  3. Involve Others. Whether you work from home or have a set group you interact with each day. Hold each other accountable. This can create a group mindset to involve more self care into your work ethos which overtime can influence your teams productivity.
  4. Set Yourself Up for Success. Is part of your self care fun snacks? Get your snacks packed the night before work. Favorite lotions, candles, diffusers? Have it ready to go on your desk. Maybe it is sitting your journal on your coffee table. Having things in your peripheral view can increase the chance you will utilize it.

If after all of this, you are still feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, experiencing burnout or hopelessness- talk to a mental health therapist. Sometimes the fatigue is more than just work stress. Self care can be setting up that first session with a therapist too. Whatever way you combat the screen zombie- be consistent! Consistency is another key to making an impact on how effective your self care routine can be on your life.

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