What is Relationship Counseling?

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP



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Relationships Can Get Tough.

You probably did not enter your relationship thinking of all the things that could go wrong. But now here you are, wondering if couples counseling will help your relationship survive.

Couples counseling is a great resource for any stage of a relationship, including: premarital counseling, communication skills, working past infidelity, developing trust, discernment counseling (divorce), co-parenting, intimacy, and so many other reasons!

In America, the stereotype of couples counseling is related to shame. As if it is shameful to want to grow and develop your relationship... For example, if you play football, you have coaches to develop different sides of your skills to do well in games- the same goes with relationships.

A lot of us received relationship "norms" or "patterns" from our families, tv shows, cultures, and sometimes those influences developed unhealthy traits in us. (eg.) If you watched your parents yell at each other growing up, you either yell to your partner now- or you do the exact opposite. These generational traits and patterns can be addressed in therapy.

If you want to develop lasting skills to create the most connected and transparent relationship you can- look for a marriage and family therapist today!

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The Dance

Relationships take two (or more) people! Part of the work is understanding yourself AND your partner through working with a couples therapist. Having the outside perspective of a professional allows you both to see your relationship with fresh eyes, and decide what is working and what needs to change.

In order for lasting change to happen, you will need to be introspective and process things that have taken place in your life. We all have life events that have influenced our relationships. Growing your relationship with yourself is a huge part of your relationship with your partner(s).


Put In the Work & See Results

If you are willing to put in the work, and your partner(s) are as well- you will see changes happen. Relational counseling takes WORK. It is not a cure all for any relationship, but if you are willing to use the time to develop yourself and your relationship you will see results.

Things to Think About When Entering Couples Therapy:

Ask the therapist about their experience with your presenting concerns.

Check to see your partner(s) are ready for this journey. It is a big commitment.

Think about writing your goals down and see if they align with your partner(s) goals for therapy as well.

I am currently accepting new couples for 2022! Contact me today to inquire about starting your journey.