New Year, New Me?

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP


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New Year, New Me- Maybe this phrase isn't as healthy as we hope it could be.

New Year, Growing Me

This phrase, New Year, Growing Me, is a little more supportive in regards to honoring your goals and yourself. There are parts of who we are we keep with us throughout our lives. You don't need to change yourself into a brand new person in order to feel like you have accomplished something. You CAN grow, develop, learn, and change into a new version of yourself. The main difference in these two phrases is one implies that there is no part of yourself you wish to keep. I have not met a person to this day that was trying to become a whole different person from who they are. We all have parts of our lives we wish to change and that is okay! Growing is a lot different from trying to crumple up what we have and throw it out.

You are not disposable.

Here are a few journal prompts to process at the beginning of your journey:

1. What are some things you truly appreciate about yourself? (take your time to name these- sometimes it is harder than it seems)

2. What are 3 things you want to learn this year?

3. What is one thing you hope to develop within yourself?

4. Who is part of your support system?

5. Do you love your self fully at this moment?

6. If you said no to the above question, what do you think hinders you from fully loving yourself?

7. When you think about this year, what is something you are looking forward to?

8. What is a hurdle you see yourself facing this year?

9. What is your current self care routine?

10. Create a list, vision board, photo album, chart, or creative representation of the goals you want to manifest for this year.

You are the master of your life.

What is the first step for you to start growing into the person you want to become?

Becoming more introspective and understanding what you want to learn or change within yourself is a great first step. Naming the things that are bothering you, patterns you want to change, concepts you want to learn- all of these things are important to understand Step 2- How to grow.

Finding a therapist near you is another great option to start your self development journey. Therapy does not "fix" you, it helps you develop a healthier relationship with yourself. You are the decision-maker of your life. No one knows your life better than you do. If you do seek support from a mental health professional, talk to them about the goals you are hoping to gain from your time together.

Whatever your Step 1 is, it is potentially one of the hardest steps you will take. Starting something new doesn't happen easily. Changing the pattern you are dissatisfied with is DIFFICULT! Remember to give yourself grace and validation while you are on this journey towards growing. You can get your goals accomplished, it is just a matter of starting, time, and being consistent. Being able to do those 3 things gets you a lot farther than just continuing to think about what you COULD be doing.

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