Why Hot Girl Walks Work

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP


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The new trend of hot girl walks is sweeping the internet. People are accessorizing their walk outfits, water bottles and even pet collars. The main idea, is to go on a walk alone or with a friend for at least 20 minutes each day.

It's in the Data

While this might seem silly- "hot girl walks" in nature can actually be something that can benefit your mental wellness. Studies have shown ecotherapy (or wilderness therapy) has several benefits to decrease depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health symptoms (Bratmann, G., et al, 2015; Poulsen DV, Stigsdotter UK, Djernis D, Sidenius U., 2016). Pairing nature based therapy with mindfulness tools also increases the chances of symptom reduction (Poulsen DV, Stigsdotter UK, Djernis D, Sidenius U., 2016). Keep in mind, most of these studies show that walking in nature based environments where you feel safe are the most beneficial. Walking in city or busy areas may support your wellness but might not show the same results.

Harvard also wrote about a study that showed walking as a form of exercise, "appears to have a positive effect on mental health, with the most evidence for depression. Some research also shows benefit for anxiety, stress, and loneliness," (Kelly P, Williamson C, Niven AG, Hunter R, Mutrie N, Richards J., 2018). So combining the two: being in nature and walking, can help support your mental wellness journey.

Creative Alternatives

While this might not be a cure all, or may not even work for some people depending on your personal circumstances; it is a great trend to see happening. If you don't have access to walking outdoors- think about creative mindfulness. Maybe it is listening to nature sounds while sitting in a comfortable position. Or sitting outside if walking is not an option. It could be a number of creative things to help develop more mindfulness into your schedule.

Whatever works for your lifestyle and needs- if you are participating in the hot girl walks trend- we see you!

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