Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept insurance? The short answer is no. As an associate, I am considered an Out of Network provider. This means I cannot directly accept insurance, I can provide a super bill or utilize your HSA credit card.
  • What is a super bill? A super bill is an invoice of all paid sessions a client can submit to their insurance company directly for potential reimbursement.
  • How does tele-therapy work? Tele-therapy has become increasingly popular since the pandemic began. People who lead busy lives tend to not have access to services due to commutes, not finding a therapist they like in their local city, lack of child care, and many other reasons. Tele-therapy is provided on a HIPAA Compliant video platform (just like an online doctors visit). Your therapist will suggest you have sessions in a quiet room where you can be alone and close the door.
  • Why does therapy cost so much? When you think about anyone you employ in your life and cross reference them to the cost of therapy it makes more sense. Therapist's dedicate years to developing their skills and education. This education is required to maintain and continue growing as part of our licensure requirements. All of this creates a "curve" of pricing in each local area depending on licensure, experience, availability, and several other factors.
  • What is your style of therapy? I thought you'd never ask! I am a systemic-feminist therapist, meaning I believe the systems, cultures, roles, hierarchies, relationships, narratives, and many other things influence our mental health symptoms. I formulate personalized treatment plans based on client's individual needs and presenting problems. My style draws from modalities such as CBT/Trauma Focused CBT, DBT, ACT, Person-Centered, Attachment theory, Gottman couples, EFCT, SFT, and several other areas of therapy. I strive to be culturally competent and affirming; an LGBTQIA+ ally, poly knowledgable!
  • What does an Intake Session look like? This may differ from provider to provider. Here at Koger Counseling, once you have decided to book an intake session you will receive the New Client Intake Paperwork. Then, in the session you will review your therapy goals, symptoms you hope to get support with, and start getting to collaborate with your provider. At the end of the session, your therapist will check in about if you feel comfortable choosing them as your therapist or if you prefer a different style of therapy. (Please note intakes are paid sessions)
  • What is the Good Faith Estimate? The Good Faith Estimate is a document listing expected charges before you get an item or service. This is not a bill, but an estimate of your cost per session for services. For Simone, all sessions are $140 per 50 minute session. If you are a current client, you have received a personalized GFE. If you have questions regarding this document please let Simone know.
  • Do you see clients after 5 pm? Yes! I do have openings after 5 pm, Monday, and Tuesdays. If you are inquiring to book a session please email me to see if there are current openings.
  • What is your schedule? In therapy, our schedules are not linear, for example I see clients Monday - Thursdays but available times vary. If you are looking to book an intake session please contact Simone for current openings or fill out our Koger Counseling Inquiry Form.
  • How long are therapy sessions? Traditional therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and depending on the frequency that works with your goals- you will discuss cadence of sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) with your therapist.
  • Do you provide crisis support? No, Koger Counseling is not a crisis support service. If you are looking for Domestic Violence Support Click DomesticShelters.org. If you are looking for Crisis Support Click Here for Hotlines, Text Resources in WA.
  • What is your current license? My professional title is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (MG61208937). I also have a Certification as a Grief Informed Professional Counselor (Cert. #488946).
  • What if I don't like my current therapist's approach? That is okay! Not every therapist is for every person. Let them know you want to make a change and do it!