How to Find the Right Therapist?

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP



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Finding the right therapist can feel overwhelming. So how do you ACTUALLY find the right person? Well to start let's see if you have a foundation of the type of therapist you are looking for.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a Therapist:

  1. What is your monthly budget? Therapists come in all price ranges for a variety of different reasons. Paying for therapy is a constant so it is better to find someone in your budget so it doesn't accidentally become an additional stressor.
  2. Do they accept HSA or your insurance? Many therapists are moving away from insurance due to their exploitation of clients. If you have a HSA/FSA you may want to call the company to see if they allow you to see this therapist and utilize your health savings.
  3. Do they offer sessions when you are available? Again, many therapists have different hours of operation. Double check when their availability is and if it coincides with when you are hoping to have therapy sessions.
  4. Tele-therapy or In-person? Tele-therapy is becoming increasingly popular as we step into a less "intensive" stage of the pandemic. People who may usually commute may be able to have more felxible scheduling by utilizing tele-therapy. Or may like having the comfort of their own home to talk about theerapy related topics. Whereas in-person sessions keep therapy separate from your home life and is a specific space you go to for sessions.
  5. Do you want a therapist with certain demographics? Sometimes we have to reflect on who we would feel most comfortable stepping into therapy services with. Do you prefer a specific gendered therapist? Someone who may have more knowledge of the same cultural background as you? Maybe a similar or different age than you? Sometimes people don't have a preference, or find it along the way- if you change your mind after meeting with a therapist check in and see if they can offer referrals.
  6. Is this therapist knowledgable in the topics you want to address in therapy? If you hfind therapists on PsychologyToday, TherapyDen, Latinx Therapists, or GoodTherapy you can search via topics to see who provides services in the areas you are hoping for.
  7. Are you ready to commit to therapy? This is a big one- you don't have to be fully ready, but if you aren't close to being ready, therapy is not going to support your journey as much as it will when you are ready to commit to it. Make sure you are going to make therapy a priority.

Finding the right person takes time.

Even after all of these questions, it is more important that when you have that consult call or intake session you "check the vibe". Does this person seem easy to talk to? Is it easy to communicate with them or do you feel like you both aren't on the same page? Just like any relationship you have in life, not every therapist is going to fit every person. It is a very intentional process finding the right person.

To review an example of the type of information therapists add to their marketing, feel free to check out my own Psychology Today profile here! And if you ever feel like- "this person MIGHT be a good fit"- ask if they offer consultation calls to talk for a little bit before you book an intake session.

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