How to Prep if Your Therapist is Going on Leave

Simone Koger, MA, LMFTA, CGP



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Therapists take time off too! So what do you do to prepare for their time away?

A lot depends on the length of time they will be gone.

For example, a week is a lot different than 3 months. Check in with them about how long they will be gone- they probably are already starting to check that you have support for their departure.

So what can help you feel supported while they are away?

Check out our mini infographic:

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Check in with your therapist in session before they leave to go over your "plan of support" while they are away. If their time away is abrupt, you might not get a chance to collaborate with them on this. If this is the case, make a list of the people, places, and skills you have been utilizing for support to refer to if you start to get increased symptoms.

Additional resources:

WA State Crisis Lines

WA & National Crisis Lines for Specific Groups

Mindfulness Tools:

Box Breathing- To Destress

5 Senses Meditation

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